Understanding perceptions of the technology industry

The Need

To support a drive for inclusivity within the technology sector, global telecommunications giant Vodafone enlisted Opinium to research how consumers perceive tech, in terms of understanding who tech is currently aimed at, who does tech entice and who is tech inadvertently excluding from employment within the industry. Understanding better how the technology industry is currently perceived across the globe will feed into Vodafone’s global communications strategy aimed at increasing inclusivity in the technology sector.

Our Approach

We conducted quantitative research in 10 markets amongst a representative sample in each country, also adding on boosts of ethnic minorities to allow for robust comparison across markets. Qualitative video capture was also used in each market to compliment the data and add an element of emotion and color to the findings. The quantitative survey was tasked mainly with finding out ‘What does technology look like if it were a person?’ and better understanding how greater representation should be achieved.

The Outcome

Our insight directly informed the Vodafone communications strategy for their upcoming #ChangeTheFace campaign, which focused on how to bring more women, ethnic minorities and older segments of society into technology jobs, and how to make them feel more represented in technology communications. We created a video montage to bring the findings to life through the voices of real consumers and this was distributed throughout the business.

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