Exploring the Future of Work

The Need

As part of a series of events to mark 100 years of women in law, our client wanted to explore what Gen Z and Gen Y want from their workplaces and how businesses can and should adapt.

Our Approach

We spoke to representative Gen Z and Gen Y audiences across the globe to ensure a diverse set of views towards society and the workplace were reflected in the insights. The study focused on issues such as diversity, identifying the influencing factors and barriers within the workplace which prevented or attracted respondents to a business or prohibited or encouraged them to enter the recruitment process.

The Outcome

A fully comprehensive global review of factors which influence new talent coming into the workforce. This produced actionable insights which highlighted the importance of diversity in the workplace and to educate on factors that could be used to target new talent. The data was then displayed in an interactive infographic to be used as a tool to understand demographic differences of the target audience view on particular workplace trends

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