Most Connected Brands US 2021

In its third year, our US Most Connected Brands Index has given us a unique and precious lens into how Americans have adapted to this next stage of the pandemic, shifting away from crisis mode, into new habits, and towards new preferred brands.

Our methodology was born from the idea that whilst there was already a proliferation of brand rankings available, all these indices used a black box analysis that was defined by experts working in the industry. None of them simply asked the people who have the power to build, define, and sometimes destroy the brands that marketers create: the consumers themselves.

Fast forward three years and the idea of reflecting the human, lived experiences of the pandemic has never been more relevant. This year’s ranking is forged in the collective shared experiences of lockdown and loss, but also resilience, hope, and opportunity. It is truly a ranking of our time.

The index tracks the newfound connection Americans feel towards ubiquitous, everyday brands, with affordable retailers like Target, Kohl’s, and Dollar Tree rising in the ranks, as well as pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS that have been on the front lines of meeting our everyday necessities.

As Americans sought to amuse themselves within new health constraints, entertainment platforms had an opportunity to shine. Netflix jumped to 5th, and Hulu and Disney also climbed the ranks. Gaming consoles PlayStation and Xbox saw huge jumps as well. And the desire to escape local areas led to a near universal uplift in scores across auto brands.

An honorable mention must also go to Microsoft, which rose to 3rd in the ranks, joining tech giants Google and Amazon on the podium. The brand played a key role in the transition to remote work, through Microsoft Teams, and the announcement that they would open their cloud gaming service to all eligible Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Whether you read Most Connected Brands from cover to cover or simply flick through the pages until something catches your eye, we hope this report interests, excites and inspires you to create, build and grow the connections that matter to you.

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