Attitudes towards UV exposure during professional nail services

Use of Professional Nail Services 

Professional nail services are popular in the Netherlands, with one in three (33%) Dutch adults having had at least one professional nail service in the last 12 months. Pedicure (20%) and manicure (11%) are the most common treatments. Other services such as gel polish manicure (8%) and gel polish pedicure (4%), which requires the use of UV light to dry and cure nail polish, are increasing in demand.  

Concern about UV light exposure in nail treatments 

Awareness and level of concern about the risks of UV light exposure in nail treatments are mixed. Many Dutch consumers that use nail services are at least slightly concerned about UV exposure (43%). However, despite the recent coverage about its risks, nearly a third of consumers (32%) are not at all concerned. Additionally, a sizeable group have not given it any thought. These groups highlight an opportunity to educate consumers about the potential risks of UV exposure and how to mitigate against them.