Young losing faith in Jeremy Corbyn over Brexit

New polling from Opinium commissioned by For our Future’s Sake shows the rapidly growing challenges facing the Labour Party on Brexit as its young supporters lose faith in Jeremy Corbyn.

In just 6 months, 18-34-year-old’s approval of how Jeremy Corbyn is responding to Brexit has dropped 27 percentage points, from +13% in July to -14% this week.

The findings from a poll of over 2000 people will raise a number of alarm bells in Labour Party Headquarters;

    • Young people have rapidly growing concerns over Brexit, and are losing patience with Labour’s approach
    • Jeremy Corbyn?s failure to do enough to stop Brexit is one of the top reasons that young Labour voters say they might switch to another party (22%)
    • Only 12% of people in Scotland approve of the way the Corbyn is handling Brexit, with 57% disapproving – the highest of anywhere in UK, while also being one of regions most in favour of remaining in the EU

See the full data tables here