Multicultural Voices USA

Our Multicultural Voices USA study strives to give a platform to people of color through research

2020 was a turbulent year to say the least. The Coronavirus pandemic caused global disruption and changed the way we live our lives. There were also worldwide protests sparked by the death of George Floyd, raising conversations about racism and the role of the police.

In this context, we conducted a study to understand levels of racism people in America are facing, thoughts on racism in society, feelings about interactions with the police and thoughts on the Black Lives Matters movement.

We conducted a nationally representative online survey of 2,000 US adults and conducted an online survey among 1,000 nationally representative People of Color. The surveys were conducted between 24th July – 29th August 2020.

We hope this research plays a role in highlighting the experiences of people of color in the US, so that we may continue the national dialogue spurred by the activism of 2020 in the pursuit of a more just and equal future.