What Will Happen In 2011

What Will Happen In 2011

  • Nation predicts what they think will happen in 2011
  • Half (50 per cent) of UK think it is likely there will be a terrorist attack in London
  • A third (31 per cent) of people believe they are likely to find love
  • 44 per cent think Robbie Williams is likely to leave Take That again
  • Only 4 per cent think the UK is likely to win the Eurovision.

When asked to rate how likely an event was to happen in 2011, the top five most likely events that people chose are:

  1. Katie Price and Alex Reid to divorce (67 per cent likelihood)
  2. England manager, Fabio Capello to be sacked (57 per cent likelihood)
  3. There will be a terrorist attack in London (56 per cent likelihood)
  4. Robbie Williams to leave Take That again (54 per cent likelihood)
  5. The economy will start to get worse (52 per cent likelihood)

Personal events

Many think that 2011 will be a year of personal change with two fifths (31 per cent) of the nation believing that they are likely to find love, with women rating their chances more highly (43 per cent) than men (39 per cent). People from the South West are the most optimistic about finding romance.

The research also shows that over one quarter (19 per cent) believe that they are likely to change jobs, however they believe the chance of losing their job stands at 22 per cent with 18-34 year olds being the most worried (29 per cent).

It proves to be not all doom and gloom as the nation is feeling good about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston getting back together rating their chances at 23 per cent, and just under a third (31 per cent) believe that Kate Middleton, fiancÈe of Prince William is likely to announce she?s pregnant!

Home affairs

On a more serious side, half (50 per cent) of the nation believe there is a very good chance there will be a terrorist attack in London next year, and 31 per cent believe it is likely that an election will be called as the Coalition Government finally succumbs to its splinters and parts ways. However before this, 37 per cent have inklings that a referendum on voting will take place.
The research also shows that the chances of the world ending in 2011 are rated at 12 per cent, making it the least likely event to happen closely followed closely by teleportation being invented (13 per cent), and sadly, the UK winning in the Eurovision Song Contest (13 per cent).

James Endersby, Managing Director of Opinium Research said: ?Most people are seeing 2011 as a mixed bag of events with history being made for the right and wrong reasons. With thoughts stretching from love to the economy, I think we can expect big things to happen in the year ahead.?

Opinium Research carried out an online survey of 2,020 UK adults aged 18+ from 20th to 22nd November October 2010. Results have been weighted to nationally representative criteria.