Two thirds think there is still a role for the monarchy

This Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of the divorce of Prince Charles and Diana, which prompts us to re-examine our attitudes to one of our most iconic institutions.

Opinium Research has polled the nation for the second year running to uncover what Brits think about the role of the monarchy in today?s society.

There is an over-riding positive feeling towards the monarchy and the ongoing stability it represents, with two thirds (66%) agreeing that it still has a place in modern Britain (similar to last year?s poll). Unsurprisingly, this is felt most strongly by the older generation, with 75% of those over 55 agreeing with this sentiment, compared to just over half (54%) of 18-34s. Similarly, two in three (66%) support retaining the monarchy instead of a republic, although Scotland (49%) and London (54%) are noticeably less likely to support keeping the institution.

The monarchy is not just for keepsake however. Two-thirds (66%) believe the monarchy benefits the UK economy and nearly three-quarters (72%) think that Britain is perceived more positively abroad because of the institution.

Next in line

Prince William is still the preferred candidate as the successor to the Queen, with only a quarter (25%) preferring the actual next-in-line, Prince Charles, to succeed to the throne next.

Queen of hearts

The word ?dedicated? remains the word most commonly used to describe the Queen (41%) with ?hard working? coming in second (35%).

On the flip side, one in seven (13%) still feel she is outdated, and one in eight (11%) believe her to be out of touch, suggesting that there is a small and steady proportion of Brits that are not won over by the Queen.

James Crouch, from Opinium Research who commissioned the research, commented: ?As we saw last year, the majority of us show an unwavering loyalty towards the monarchy.† Perhaps it is unsurprising in light of the recent political instability that the nation remains wedded to its most enduring institution. There might be serious debate around the monarchy?s place in future years, and the solid two thirds opposed to a republic is not guaranteed to last forever. As it stands, however, Her Majesty and her family can comfortably expect to reign over us for many years to come.?