The Olympic Games will cost the British economy

An Opinium Research survey conducted on behalf of Sporting Index found that the Olympic Games will have a costly effect on the British economy and impact UK adults sleeping times.The findings showed that the UK will lose up to 302 million hours of sleep as a result of UK adults staying up late to watch the Olympic Games being held in Rio. The cost to the economy could potentially reach up to £1.6 billion, as UK adults, on average, will spend 24 minutes tuning into the Games at work.UK adults are most looking forward to watching the athletics (59%), followed by swimming (37%) and gymnastics (34%). However, viewing preferences differ amongst both genders. Women are far more likely to me interested in trampolining (9% vs 2%) and diving (30% vs 14%), whilst men are more likely to tune into beach volleyball (14% vs 5%), football (30% vs 11%), and boxing (24% vs 8%).Read more about this research in the BBC News and The Herald.