The novelty of a pay rise wears of surprisingly quickly

It may take weeks, months or even years to finally get a pay rise. Surprisingly however, the novelty of a pay rise wears off at a much quicker rate. Research by Opinium for Direct Line suggests it may be as little as 43 days later.

It turns out that UK employees who have received a pay rise within the last five years have taken no time at all to match their spending habits to their income. Or, as the study puts it, to “level up”. Research disclosed that the first items that Brits splash the cash on, following a pay rise, are more expensive alcoholic drinks and switching to premium lunchtime meals, such as changing from Greggs to Pret A Manger.

Over half of workers said that the extra money is totally “absorbed” by new lifestyle perks in as little as three months. By then, Brits don?t even notice the pay rise. One in six admit that they upgrade their lifestyle as soon as they hear about their new salary, not even waiting for that payslip.

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