Gen Z Drinking Habits

In 2018, we investigated the Gen Z attitudes driving drinking behaviour. We found that the role alcohol was playing in the lives of this younger generation was becoming smaller, with Gen Z taking a more mindful approach to their social lives and prioritising their health and performance.

Five years later, we’ve teamed up with Red Brick Road to explore what’s stayed the same and what’s changing as not only has the market diversified its offering, but the economic and political landscape of the country has also undergone significant shifts since. This time, we have also spoken to social media influencers in the drink and lifestyle category, as well as bar managers, to get a 360 view of the changing behaviour of our youngest drinkers.

This report sets out to answer some key questions:

  • Everyone knows that Gen Z are drinking less alcohol, but why?
  • How does this generation feel about No & Low alcohol drinks?
  • What are the key things that drinks brands need to focus on to align with this generation’s needs?
  • How can drinks brand harness the power of social media influencers?

Further details

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