The Last Round?

How to engage the next generation of Mindful Drinkers

Gen Z has been widely characterised as the most puritanical generation of young adults since the 1950s. Not only are they shunning the traditional experimentation in sex and drugs, but their aversion to risky behaviour means fewer 18-24 year olds smoke cigarettes or drive cars than ever before. This attitude is also reflected in their views on drinking.

Fewer young adults drink during the week compared to their predecessors and bar managers have observed that fewer drinks are being consumed when they can be convinced to leave Netflix and their gaming consoles behind. If these are signs that the drinking rites of passage are breaking down, this raises a sobering question for the alcohol industry: how do bars, brands, restaurants and retailers have to evolve to appeal to this new generation of customers?

To help find an answer, Red Brick Road and Opinium have partnered together to commission new research with Bar Goers and Bar Managers throughout the UK.

This report examines the Gen Z attitudes that are driving drinking behaviour, how this is already impacting the alcohol trade, and what opportunities lay ahead.