The impact of Covid-19 on mental and physical wellbeing in the US

Human beings are social animals, so experts have pointed out that with unprecedented levels of social isolation, our collective mental health is at risk. That is not to mention the added anxiety, economic pressure, and hardships resulting from millions of US jobs vanishing in a matter of weeks and the tens of thousands of predicted deaths in the US. This study examines the impact of COVID-19 so far on mental and physical wellbeing in the US, the segments of the population that are experiencing the biggest toll on mental wellbeing, and what people are doing to keep well in these difficult times.

Half of US respondents (53%) already feel COVID-19 has impacted their mental wellbeing in some way, with many feeling isolated and overwhelmed. However, the study identifies a couple of silver linings as Americans get creative to stay connected with friends and family and remain physically active. For one, we are communicating more with loved ones than before.

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