The Beautiful Partnership: Understanding the sports betting market

Sports betting has enjoyed unprecedented growth over the past two decades, transforming itself from a niche pursuit associated with smoky betting shops into a truly global industry.

If you watch any sporting event these days on TV it is not a case of if there will be a betting advert during breaks, but rather how many there will be. Sports fans are bombarded with betting opportunities every time they tune in.

This has created a wealth of opportunity for operators, but has also brought with it a number of challenges. Undeniably, it has helped those operators with scale to grow their businesses at an unprecedented rate.

This report provides an important snapshot of the different types of British sportsbook customer, their preferences, their dislikes and the brands that best resonate with them. We have spoken to 500 sports betting customers to find out in more detail their thoughts about the major brands competing for their custom…

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This report is part of a series that the Opinium Sports & Leisure team have put together looking at the UK gaming industry under the spot light. The first report in the series, called ‘Gaming?s not so quiet revolution’, can be found†here.