Polling Results

UK: Voting intention – 22nd October 2020

Labour, on 40%, claims a 2-point lead over the Conservatives

In our latest poll, Labour lead the Tories by 2 points. The Conservatives are down 2 points from a fortnight ago, while Labour are stable.

When it comes to the new tiers system the public are divided on the clarity of the rules and guidelines. Whilst half (50%) say they think the system is clear, 44% think the opposite.

On a relate note around two-in-five (38%) think these new measures have not gone far enough in an effort to deal with the rise in cases. This is followed by 32% who think the measures are about right and 18% who think they have gone too far.

Indeed, a third (34%) say they aren’t confident they know what the rules are in their area.

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