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UK: Public opinion on coronavirus – 21st May

Parents feel anxious about their children going back to school

As the UK moves closer to June the 1st and disputes over the re-opening of schools continue, the latest Opinium poll reveals that the majority of parents in the UK would feel anxious if their children returned to school next week.

If primary schools were to re-open on the 1st June, 43% of parents of children at a primary school age would feel anxious. However, 20% would feel relieved. An even higher proportion (53%) of parents whose children attend secondary schools would feel anxious if schools were to re-open. Only 13% would feel relieved.
Indeed, polling suggests that parents feel more comfortable about sending their younger children back than older ones. While 39% of parents with children aged 4-6 would be comfortable with sending their children to school, parents of children just below GCSE age (14-15) would not – with 59% feeling comfortable.
Government response to Coronavirus

Starmer overtakes Johnson

Keir Starmer has seen his approval ratings jump in the last two weeks. 47% of UK adults approve of the way the Labour leader is handling his job vs. 35% two weeks ago. 17% disapprove giving him a net rating of +30%. In contrast, prime minister Boris Johnson still has a net positive rating (45% approve, 39% disapprove, +6% net approval) but this has declined since his high point of +28% immediately after his recovery from coronavirus.

UK public is in it for the long-haul

A third of the UK (32%) think that social distancing rules will be in place past Dec 2020.

What’s more, they are adjusting their expectations for future travel. Only 19% expect to be able to take a holiday abroad before next year, with a quarter (24%) saying they expect their next holiday to be June 2021 or later. The pandemic has also split attitudes towards holidaying in the UK – 28% say the pandemic has made them more likely to holiday in the UK, 20% say less likely.

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