Polling Results

Political Polling ? 4th June 2017

The Conservatives look set to secure an increased majority in Thursday’s general election despite a challenging election campaign, according to our final poll.

Our final poll indicates that the Conservatives will capture 43% of the vote on Thursday, compared to 36% for Labour, securing the Conservatives another overall majority. This is in stark contrast to the 19 point lead held by the Conservatives at the beginning of the party?s campaign. However, the Labour poll ?surge? appears to have crested with the party slipping back by a point as the Conservatives remain steady.

The campaign has damaged the reputation of the Prime Minister, despite a likely Conservative win, with Theresa May?s approval ratings falling from +21% at the start of the campaign to just +5% on average across all voters. While Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has seen his popularity increase to -7%, it doesn?t seem to been enough to challenge the Conservatives.

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