Polling Results

Political Polling 25th September 2019

The Conservative lead drops to 12 points

After an eventful week in politics, the Conservatives? lead has dropped 3 points. However, Boris Johnson?s party still retains a 12-point lead over Labour.

The Conservatives are down 1 point to 36%, while Labour is up 2 points after its Conference in Brighton to 24%. The Liberal Democrats continue to climb in polls, up 3 points to 20%.

Public opinion on Boris Johnson?s actions

Almost half (49%) of the public think that Johnson?s prorogation of parliament was unlawful and that he should not have advised the Queen to prorogue Parliament. A third (35%) think he was right to prorogue.

Following the ruling that he acted unlawfully, opinions are mixed as to what Johnson should do now, with 47% thinking he should resign, but 42% thinking he should remain in the role.

Looking ahead, 49% think Johnson should obey the law requiring him to seek an extension to the Brexit date, with 21% of Leave voters also saying they think he should obey this. More than two-fifths (44%) would support a general election if the Brexit deadline is delayed and the election was scheduled after the current deadline of October 31st, but 20% would oppose this.


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