Polling Results

Political Polling 14th August 2018

Conservatives†re-take the lead in the polls after their poor showing in the wake of the fall out from Chequers. The Tories now have a 1-point lead.

Labour have dropped 2 points to 38%, while the Conservatives have risen by 3 points to 39%.†

Leader Approval Ratings

Theresa May?s leadership ratings have stabilised and risen slightly from -24% last month to -21%. Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn?s ratings have plumeted from a net rating of -12% to -24% this month.

However, Theresa May?s lead over Jeremy Corbyn on who would make the best prime minister has edged up slightly from 4 to 6 points (currently it stands at 30% for May vs 24% for Jeremy Corbyn).

Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism

Over on in four (27%) think the Conservative Party is prejudiced against British Muslims, while over one in three (36%) think the Labour Party is prejudiced against British Jews.

These figures for perceptions of the Labour Party?s prejudice towards British Jews is reflected in other statements related to the Labour Party and anti-Semitism:


  • 36% think the Labour Party currently has a large number of members who are anti-Semitic
  • t

  • 34% think the Labour Party tolerates anti-Semitism
  • t

  • 33% think Jeremy Corbyn is anti-Semitic

On the other hand, a considerable number perceive there to be an issue with the Conservative Party and Islamaphobia:


  • 28% think the Conservative Party currently has a large number of members who are Islamophobic
  • t

  • 26% think the Conservative Party tolerates Islamophobia
  • t

  • 27% think Boris John is Islamophobic


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