Polling Results

Political Polling 11th September 2019

The Conservative lead climbs to 12 points

The Conservatives continue to consolidate their position despite the troubles the government has faced this week, hitting a 12-point lead over Labour as Leave voters fall in behind the party and Remainers appear dispirited.

The Conservatives are up 2 points to 37%, while the Liberal Democrats are down 1 point to 16%. Labour and the Brexit arty have remained stable on 25% and 13% respectively.

Disapproval of opposition leaders? handling of Brexit has risen since last week

It?s extraordinary that after a week where the Commons protested its prorogation and the Scottish Courts declared it illegal, approval or disapproval of Boris Johnson?s handling of Brexit is almost completely unchanged from last week (43% approve of his handling of Brexit versus 43% who disapprove of it).

What is noticeably however is that disapproval of the opposition?s response to Brexit has increased. Disapproval of Jeremy Corbyn?s response has risen from 55% to 60% this week, and disapproval of Jo Swinson?s response has risen from 28% to 33%. As a whole, disapproval of the House of Commons? response to the government?s handling of Brexit has increased from 48% last week to 52% this week.


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