Polling Results

Political Polling ? 10th January 2017

The Conservatives have an eight point lead over Labour in our latest voting intention poll.

In a general election tomorrow, 38% would vote Conservative, 30% would vote Labour, 14% UKIP and 7% Lib Dem.

VI 10 01 2017 - Chart 1

Leader Approval Ratings

Theresa May’s approval ratings continue to steadily slip. In our latest poll she has a net approval rating of only +11%, down from +14% last month and +18% in mid-November. Currently 40% approve†of the way she is handling her job and 29% disapprove.†
VI 10 01 2017 - Chart 2

However, this is still clearly ahead of Mr Corbyn, who has a net disapproval rating of -27%.

Performance on Europe

The Conservative Party remains the party most trusted to lead the Brexit negotiations with the rest of the European Union (30%), with†Labour (13%) and UKIP (11%) in†a relatively distant second and third place respectively.

VI 10 01 2017 - Chart 3

However, this lead is not unassailable, and the the proportion not trusting any of the parties to do this is steadily creeping up.

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