Polling Results

EU Nationals Polling 6th December 2019

Three in four EU nationals believe UK politicians do not care about their views

Two thirds (67%) of EU citizens living in the UK believe British politicians have not listened to their views in the Brexit process, rising to three in four (75%) who believe UK politicians don’t care about their views.

Perceptions of the UK since the Brexit vote

Over half (57%) of EU nationals say that the UK Government has become more hostile towards European residents since the Brexit vote.

Moreover, more than a quarter (28%) EU nationals say they have been victims of abuse since the Brexit vote as a result of their nationality. This discrimination has manifested predominately in racist jokes or insults (30% of those receiving discrimination or abuse) and being treated differently in public places such as shops and restaurants (30%). One in five (20%) of those experiencing discrimination or abuse say this took place in the workplace.

Views on the General Election

Neither main party leader has impressed EU nationals but EU nationals are slightly more partial to Jeremy Corbyn and Labour than Boris Johnson and the Conservatives. 28% of EU nationals think that Corbyn would be the best prime minister in a two-way question against Boris Johnson while 15% choose the prime minister. Almost half (45%) of EU nationals think that neither Corbyn nor Johnson would make the best prime minister.


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