Polling Results

Ethnic Minority Voting intention 6th November 2019

Labour have a 25 point lead among ethnic minorities

Labour hold a 25 point lead among ethnic minorities intending to vote. 

Of those who are certain to vote, half (49%) plan to vote for Labour, and a quarter (24%) intend to vote for Conservative.

Why Labour lead among ethnic minorities

Ethnic minorities trust Labour more on most issues, with the exception of Brexit where there is an equal split between the Conservatives and Labour (24% vs 24%).

Overall, ethnic minorities also have a positive perception of Corbyn and are more negative of Johnson, which can be seen in their net approval ratings but also based on a list of personal characteristics.

  • Net approval ratings for Johnson in his role are negative (-22%) with ethnic minorities having a much more positive view of Corbyn’s handling of his job in comparison (+8%). Corbyn also just edges it on who would make best Prime Minister (33% vs 26% for Johnson).
    • Younger ethnic minorities are much more likely to think Corbyn would make a better Prime Minister than older ethnic minorities. (18-34: 40% Corbyn vs 22% Johnson, 55+: 24% Corbyn vs 34% Johnson)
  • Corbyn leads on a range of characteristics among ethnic minorities compared to Johnson. He is perceived to be trustworthy (43% vs 24% respectively), likeable (41% vs 33%), in touch with ordinary people (51% vs 24%), represents what most people think (40% vs 28%), have similar views to my own (40% vs 23%), and has the nations best interests at heart (43% vs 29%).



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