Research for PR Playbook: One survey, many stories

Every piece of research is a huge opportunity to produce content. While you may cherry-pick the juiciest headlines for your main launch release, there will often be a wealth of data available that never sees the light of day.

For most surveys, people?s views are unlikely to change significantly over time, so the results are still perfectly valid even a year after the poll is conducted, barring any drastic events in the meantime. By dividing your survey into distinct sections, you can ensure you have multiple pieces of content for months or even years to come.

This works especially well if you?re reaching a niche or powerful audience ? most of the cost comes from contacting them in the first place, so why not invest a little more up front to significantly increase the ROI over time?

Things to remember:


  • Be distinctive ? try to make sure different sections are sufficiently distinct: if journalists perceive you to be issuing the same story, they might switch off
  • t

  • Snackable data ? a press release can only hold so much information, but if you package each interesting data point into a tweet, it can sustain a social media account for a week