Our Future Trends Report with The Akin

Together with The Akin, we have conducted a Future Trends Report validated with an in-depth international survey of over 2,000 changemakers from countries across the globe, ensuring our projections have actionable recommendations for the next 18-24 months.

While the world is both collapsing and reforming, brands, businesses, and institutions need to do the same: they must stay tuned in, be truly agile and ready to change with the people and so the world.

This means there has never been a more important time in the last decade to truly understand people: their attitudes and behaviours.

In the report we explore 4 key drivers and 6 mega trend directions being initiated by these changemakers to continue to cope with the shifting global environment:

The key drivers:

    • Identity marks – traditional markers such as age, gender, sexuality and religion are no longer sufficient to categorise or define people
    • Social newsrooms – unfiltered social news has created a new social currency based on reputation and presence
    • Polarisation of society – 2016 was the year of polarisation and the effects are still being felt
    • Wellbeing age – people are taking a broader view of health to include their environment, their peers and their community

The trends:

    • Presence – people are finding inspiration in moments of boredom, and joy in slowness
    • Fantasy – people are looking to lose control and enter new states of consciousness
    • Instinct – people are beginning to rely on intuition to cut through the constant online noise
    • Action – people are ready to act, wanting to be heard and often willing to rebel
    • Congregation – people are looking for togetherness, comfort and creativity in new networks
    • Humour – People are finding relief in frivolity, and repose in satire

You can download the full report here.