Opinium wins Women in Research’s Best Place to Work award 2019

Last week was a real highlight for our team, Opinium was awarded Women in Research’s global Best Place to Work award at the ESOMAR conference in Edinburgh and we could not be prouder.

But while we’re pretty chuffed about winning this global award, we know that more can be done to champion women at work.

To receive the award from an organisation like WIRe, who put diversity at the heart of what they do by providing women within our profession with the connections and tools to help us grow professionally, makes the achievement even more significant. Organisations like WIRe are vital in championing women in the workplace, but businesses also need to embrace wholesale cultural shifts if we are to accelerate the change we need for true equality.

Kristin Luck, WIRe founder commented “Opinium’s focus on attracting, retaining, and investing in their employees is best witnessed by their shared employee equity model and emphasis on intentional, sustainable growth. I’m hopeful that the policies and programs they are employing today will be standard in our industry in years to come.”

The criteria to be shortlisted focused on 3 key areas:

  1. Executive leadership in line with my core values
  2. Organisation attitudes that reflect understanding of lives outside work
  3. Opportunities for career advancement

I put Opinium forward for this award for two reasons: 1, to recognise the strong agency culture we have built as a team and 2, with the hope that by showcasing some of our initiatives, we can encourage other organisations in our industry to follow suit and make what Opinium does to support its people, the new normal.

Here’s some reasons as to why we think Opinium offers something a little different.

  • 33% equity owned by the people that work at Opinium (eventually this will be 50%)
  • 3 charity volunteering days per year
  • Mental Health first aiders
  • Flexible core working hours
  • Subsidised massage and nail treatments and weekly yoga classes
  • Weekly run club and wellness walks
  • Mindfulness workshops
  • Free breakfast
  • Extra day holiday each year you’ve worked at Opinium (up to 35 days)
  • Unlimited external training allowance

Whilst we are thrilled to have been recognised by WIRe, we know there is still long way to go as a business. We can’t simply rest on our laurels and nor should others in our industry. We look forward to building on our current initiatives and developing new ways to support our team to help make Opinium an even better place to work in 2020.