Opinium joins the political polling elite

Opinium joins the political polling elite

Electoral Psychology Programme

Fresh from a hugely successful dÈbut measuring voting intent leading up to the General Election, they are currently working with the London School of Economics on a five year research programme helping to track electoral psychology from general elections around the world.

The 2010 General Election and the Daily Express / Opinium Political Poll

The dust has now settled, the election is over and the coalition government is currently hard at work trying to prove that they are the team to take Britain forward from the worst recession in living memory.

The 2010 General Election was an incredible time for us all at Opinium HQ. Our core voting intent team supported by Professor Michael Bruter from the London School of Economics performed outstandingly and not only were we the first polling company to announce the accurate prediction of a hung parliament, but when the final results were eventually tallied, we ended up right on the top of the online pile.

Obviously we were delighted as this was our fist attempt and I think we proved to our clients just how robust our research methods are and of course how engaged and responsive our general consumer panel of UK adults is – they are in phenomenal shape!

Our relationship with the Daily Express was really the backbone of our success in getting our results out and around the country. We are pleased to announce that we will continue to work for them on a number of angles.

The party conferences are on the horizon and we’ll be accompanying one of our clients to all three.