Opening the Conversation: Mental Wellbeing in Public Relations

We all have mental health and wanted to explore the nuances of mental health at work in the PR industry. We partnered with the PRCA and we were able to reach over 400 members and gain an understanding of what can be done to support PR professionals specifically with their mental health.

As you’ll see throughout the report, we’ve uncovered some of the key issues that employers need to address, as well as various initiatives that workplaces can implement along with their impact on mental wellbeing. The good news is that the PR and communications industry performs above average on some areas, especially in our willingness to talk about our struggles. However, we still need to find better ways of managing workload and deadlines within the workplace as this is the biggest source of stress for PR professionals. While there is still some way to go to help employees thrive, we should not be discouraged, as our industry is making important strides on this issue. We hope this report will encourage employers to accelerate change in their businesses, and ultimately improve the lives of PR professionals across the UK.

Read the full report here: