Opening the Conversation: Mental Wellbeing in Marcoms

As the world has woken up to how important it is to protect and nurture our mental wellbeing, conversations have been sparked amongst businesses and organisations to try and understand how they can best support their employees and help them thrive. However, this is easier said than done. In the same way that different plants need different conditions to thrive in, the same sunlight, water and soil doesn’t work for everyone. The type of support and initiatives that work for one industry or company can be completely different to what works for another.

So how can employers begin tackling this complex issue and understand what they can do to best support their employees?

With this in mind we wanted to further understand the pressures and mental well-being of those working in the marcoms sector specifically. By partnering with The Drum Network, Opinium were able share their audit with The Drum Network’s member’s database to further understand what can be done to support marcoms professionals specifically with their mental health. We reached 433 employees working in marcoms – by comparing the results from this audit with Opinium’s nationwide employee survey we’ve been able to identify some important differences between Marcoms employees and the UK working population more generally.

Read the full report here: