Most Connected Brands – Aldi (9th)

Supermarket sweep

Aldi occupies ninth position for the second year in a row and is still the only supermarket to feature in our Top 10. Of the 10 supermarkets that make our Top 100 Most Connected Brands, Aldi maintains its spot at number one, fighting off competition from heavyweights such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s as well as its main discount competitor, Lidl.

Providing quality produce at affordable prices is what Aldi is known for, scoring the highest in our Index on ‘value for money’ and ‘having great promotional offers’. But Aldi goes beyond this, also aligning itself very closely with consumer needs. It scores the highest out of all brands in our Index on ‘understanding what is important to me’ and ‘representing someone like me’, positioning itself as a brand for the people. Aldi also ranks second for social responsibility and as having
‘values or ideals that you can relate to.’ A combination of sourcing products responsibly in the supply chain, reducing its impact on the environment, supporting local causes and being great employers, all further enhance the brand’s connection with consumers.

Last year Aldi’s popularity was amplified amongst the over 50s, however, this year it drops 10 places from fifth to 15th. Instead, it is the 18-34 category who are driving the brand performance this year, possibly as a result of several Aldi Local stores opening in London and providing a welcome route for young people living in the capital to save money. A growing focus on sustainability, recycling and reducing packaging waste as mentioned above, could also be paying off as all of these initiatives are known to resonate more widely with younger age groups.

Within the wider retail sector, Aldi scores higher than average on each of our four core measures of Emotion, Prominence, Distinction and Dynamism. It is the latter that has solidified its place in the hearts of the nation and why it has kept its spot in the Top 10 this year. A dynamic brand is one that is becoming more popular with consumers and one that is increasingly heard about. Aldi’s advertising spend suggests how the buzz around the brand has been generated, with overall spend up 15% from £54 million in 2018 to £62 million in 2019.

TV is the dominant media channel and is used consistently over all 12 months; however, their blend of different media surrounding key events throughout the year can only help spread the Aldi love.

With such strong endorsements on the things that matter to consumers, it’s no surprise that Aldi falls into the Top 10 Most Connected Brands of 2019, clearly hitting all of the right notes over the last 12 months. The spotlight has firmly been on supermarkets throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and it has never been more important to connect with consumers and reassure them during this time of panic and uncertainty. Aldi is in a very strong position to build on its strengths during this time and solidify itself as the Most Connected Brand in the supermarket category for years to come.

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