Introducing Our Video Communications Research Tool

Introducing Our Video Communications Research Tool

The partnership will enable clients who commission video content through Fovea to ensure that their communications achieve the maximum impact and deliver the right kind of message to their people. The offering also extends to having the final respondents actually view the video, whilst engaging them further through simple research survey techniques.

Customers can now add an optional embedded survey that viewers complete during or upon watching the clip, answering questions on their awareness and understanding of certain corporate messages.

This new service ensures responses reach the client in a concise report and Opinium will work with clients to deliver results in a timeframe that suits their needs, enabling them to respond directly to any crisis issues that may arise.


  • Understand if and how the key messages are understood
  • Increased engagement in the communications piece
  • Be able to respond to any arising issues
  • Based on the research, be able to make informed, effective decisions

Peter Corbin, Managing Director at Fovea said: “Combining our understanding of the corporate communications space and video offering with Opinium Research?s outstanding market research capability is a win-win situation for any client who wants to commission a video with punch that also provides real time intelligence for them to action.”

James Endersby, Managing Director at Opinium Research commented: “Opinium is really pleased to be working with Fovea on this initiative. Companies are seeing the benefits in receiving immediate feedback as to whether the right message has reached their end audience, where more follow up might be needed and finally benefitting from the provision of an insightful source of data that can be used to generate instant insight and give them the ability to able to respond in a fast and effective way.

In Summary

  1. It can be used to test corporate communications video (internal & external), allowing the communications, marketing department and/or senior leaders of the firm to ensure that the message they wish to portray will be correctly understood by the firm.
  2. It can also be used to actually distribute the final piece of internal corporate communication to the full desired list of respondents. The selling point here is that it will increase engagement through actively engaging the respondents. We?d also be able to report back who hasn?t viewed the communication piece and feedback research results of the survey taken before, during and/or after the viewing, allowing our client to understand whether the communications were understood and/or allow them to respond to any issues that could potentially be highlighted from the research.

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