International Women’s Day #PressforProgress

To support International Women?s Day, we have commissioned a report into the extent to which parents consider gender parity and Feminism as fundamental to their child?s wellbeing.

Shockingly, two out of five (42%) of UK parents feel Feminism isn?t relevant to their child?s future wellbeing; increasing to 49% for Fathers.

Despite many parents believing Feminism is irrelevant, most (70%) still want their children to have strong female role models ? yet additional Opinium interviews show children struggle to name a woman they look up to. Our ‘Pop-Up Communities’ video shows children under the age of 12 being interviewed on their views on gender.†See our video below:



It is evident that UK society has some way to go to address gender imbalance now and in the future.

Three out of five parents (61%) admit they should be doing more at home to educate their children on the issue, 58% believe schools should do more to educate children and 51% believe it is the role of the Government to reduce gender discrimination.

High profile movements seem to have the greatest influence on the UK?s parents, with 40% of Mums and Dads believing the #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns will have a positive impact on their children?s futures. Three out of five parents (62%) also believe their children?s generation will close the gender pay gap. However, there is concern amongst some parents that a move towards gender equality may actually have an adverse impact ? with more parents expressing concern that their sons will face gender discrimination in their lifetime rather than their daughters (34% vs 25%).†

Emily Dickinson, Director at Opinium Research says: ?Feminism remains for many an uncertain and sometimes contentious issue.† Despite receiving widespread endorsement, the #TimesUp and #Metoo, movements are not associated by the majority of UK parents with either gender inequality or Feminism. This goes to show that awareness is not enough to drive lasting change. More education is needed if we truly want to #PressforProgress and create a more balanced society.?

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