Insight on the animal obesity crisis

Opinium conducted research on behalf of Direct Line to explore the height of the pet obesity issues, highlighting that 2.7 million cats and dogs in the UK are overweight.

Findings showed that 12% of cat and dog owners have been recently warned by veterinary professionals that their fury friends are overweight. With some breeds of dogs being weightier than others, †the research highlighted that 75% of pug owners have been advised at some point that their pup is overweight.

The research reveals that the vast majority (83%) are seeing an increase in the proportion of overweight pets being brought in to their practice for treatment over the past 12 months. Vets estimate that they are treating 49% more overweight pets than they were just a year ago. In fact, it is estimated that a vet will treat six animals showing signs of obesity during an average week.

Not only is the pet?s health at risk if it is overweight, owners themselves are at increased risk of injury when lifting overweight animals.

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