How do North American travelers find inspiration in the digital age?

Running across 12 markets, from the US to Indonesia, our research for Amadeus draws insights from local leisure travelers to uncover what makes a great travel booking experience online.

Our survey, answered by over 2,000 US and Canadian travelers, gives a fresh snapshot of traveler behavior and sentiment. Here are some highlights:

Social media is the key to travel inspiration, while digital channels rule

About 68% of travelers look to blogs, vloggers or influencers for inspiration or information when planning a vacation or a trip away. Social media plays a key role in travel decision-making when it comes to North Americans. According to the survey, 10% of respondents claimed they looked to social media for travel inspiration every time they planned a trip. That figure increased to 17% among those aged 18-34.

The importance of ‘good value for money’

When choosing an online travel agency, value for money stood out as the most important factor for 70% of all travelers. While 32% considered a well-known and trusted site as being important, finding the best price was ultimately the deciding factor.

For a more personalized trip, travelers are ready to share data

Personalization is the name of the game with 56% of respondents saying they would like to be provided with more personalized travel options. 46% said they would be willing to share personal data in order to achieve this.

Travelers want to know more environmentally friendly travel options

Sustainable travel was not seen to be top of mind for our US and Canadian travelers, with only 45% of respondents saying they are concerned about travel’s impact on the environment. However, 60% of travelers said that they would opt for a more environmentally friendly option if it was equal to their preferred choices.

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