How do charities adapt to the impact of COVID-19

It is widely recognised that the charity sector does such a huge, important job in supporting those most vulnerable within our society. Given the current climate and what we have seen, the charity sector has been and is still facing many challenges. Due to COVID-19 there is an increasing demand to support those most affected and vulnerable to the effects and impact of COVID-19.

This covers a whole range across society from the elderly, those with underlying health conditions, not to mention risks associated individual family situations having to stay at home, for example risks of increased domestic violence and the opportunity abusers will have to control their victims. These challenges coupled with budget cuts, funding and limited resources, with staff and volunteers being ill due to coronavirus, places even more difficulty for the charity sector.

So what does the current situation look like?

We wanted to look at how the public feel about this, their current charitable behaviour, but more importantly hear how they think the charity sector could move forward given the current times and what would encourage them to support these vital services in our society.

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