Half have no provisions for their death

Burden takes a toll on emotional health for three fifths

In practice this means that the burden is likely to fall on others, with one in ten foreseeing that their friends and family will have to foot the bill. The financial burden falling on nearest and dearest appeared to be common and this had far reaching effects.

Three fifths (58%) of those who managed the affairs of their loved ones admitted that it had a direct effect on their emotional health. A fifth (19%) said they had to take time off work, 44% took out a credit card loan to pay for funeral costs and 27% of respondents resorted to a payday loan.

With costs of funerals rising this source of emotional stress is something that will require addressing in the near future. Looking at some of the key regional differences, Sheffield and Newcastle had the highest reported funeral costs – at £5,469 and £5,263 respectively. With 55% of respondents still wishing to be buried these costs are likely to remain just as high in future.

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Research carried out by Opinium Research between 15th to 18th January 2016.