Financial advisors believe Trump win will adversely affect investments

The next President of the United States of America will be revealed tomorrow. In the lead up, Opinium Research polled financial advisors to gain insight on their impression of the potential candidates. The findings reveal that an outstanding majority of financial advisors (80%) foresee a Donald Trump victory having a negative impact on investments. Comparatively, only 16% of financial advisors felt†a Clinton win would have a similarly adverse impact on investments.

Financial Advisers are more positive about the potential impact of a Hillary Clinton win, with 31% stating a victory for her would have a positive effect on investments. While this may not seem to be a resounding vote of confidence for Clinton, comparatively only four per cent thought a Trump win would have a positive impact on the market.

James Endersby, Opinium Research says: “In what is becoming an increasing turbulent race for the White House, the general consensus among UK financial advisers is that they would rather see Hillary as the incumbent US President. Increased market volatility and a weakening pound following Brexit will certainly have framed financial advisers? concerns, having seen all too recently the impact of a controversial election result.”