Everyone’s Business Reputation Tracker

This week Porter Novelli, in partnership with the CBI and Opinium, has released the third wave of our annual Everyone’s Business tracker, exploring public perceptions of British business.

We’ve been measuring the UK public’s attitude towards British business since 2017. The good news is that since 2018 the public’s overall perception of the reputation of British business has increased with 6 in 10 people thinking that British Business has a good reputation. But clearly there’s more work to be done.

It’s important that they do have a good reputation. The likelihood of being recommended, of buying products or services or of applying for jobs with a company all decrease if the company has a bad reputation.

People in work generally have a more positive attitude to their own workplace but there is still work to be done in changing the perception of business.

Having a clear social purpose is really important. Companies need to show how they are working for the best for their employees, their local area, the environment and wider society.

The top things people think will improve a companies reputation are:

  • Treating their employees well
  • Being open and transparent about the amount of tax they pay
  • Reducing the pay gap between men and women

In recent years we have seen the emergence of the ?conscious consumer?. It?s almost a given that people want businesses to meet their expectations when it comes to their more tangible needs such as excellent customer service and good value for money.

However, more and more we?re seeing consumers redefine the ?basics? and entwine their ethics in their purchasing habits. They don?t just want to champion issues like health and wellbeing behind closed doors, they want to buy from and work for companies that support this too.

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