Europe Day 2018: Spain tops the list for Brit?s favourite European country

To celebrate Europe Day, Opinium asked UK adults a series of questions surrounding Europe and European culture.†

To kick off, we asked Brits what their favourite European countries are/where they would most like to live. Our study found that Spain (16%) came out top, followed by Italy (12%) and France (10%). Similarly, these three countries came out on top of where they would most like to live in Europe, with Spain once again finishing in 1st place (15%).

Despite failing to land the top spot as the favourite country, or favourite country to live in, Italy?s world-famous cuisine was by far Brit?s favourite (47%). To put this into perspective, the 2nd favourite was Spanish on 10%, followed by Greek (8%).

Out of the major European languages, the survey found that Brits were the most likely to have at least elementary proficiency in French (45%). There was a significant drop off for 2nd placed German and 3rd placed Spanish (23% and 22% respectively). A staggering 55% reported that they?re unable to say a single word in Italian.