Data Powered Health

How technology is reshaping the nation’s attitude to health

We’re in the midst of a revolution. Data and technology are completely changing the nature of healthcare. With the UK becoming increasingly digital, health advice is being removed from the sole control of health professionals, allowing people new ways to better measure, understand and improve their health and fitness.

Over a quarter (27%) of adults now own a fitness wearable, whilst 20% plan to buy one within the next twelve months. These devices provide real-time data in a way which is easily digestible, allowing users to make more informed decisions about their own health. The increasing desire to take control of ones health is demonstrated by the fact that 44% of adults would like to have more tools to monitor their health in order to make informed choices and to be less reliant on professionals.

Data sharing is a particularly sensitive topic for health services, especially in light of recent cyber security scares. Yet despite this, a majority (55%) would share their health records anonymously with medical researchers if it meant that new more effective treatments could be developed faster to benefit more people.

We hope this report will not only quantify current attitudes towards health, but provide the basis for greater conversation about what the public want from health technology. Health services have patient care, diagnosis, and treatment data but often do not have the means to utilise it. Whereas private companies have the capabilities to turn information into actionable solutions, from diagnosis to resource allocation. Combining health data and technology, in the correct manner, can create more effective health services for everyone.

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