Consumer Energy Report: Young and Carbon Free

The latest instalment of our annual look at the consumer energy market delves into how recent themes, such as the climate crisis, are working themselves out in the minds of UK consumers as we heat our homes and power our lives.

Our report looks over how traditional energy providers including the big six continue to be top of mind amongst consumers, however their success is being threatened by the ever-changing brand landscape. Challenger brands which upheld greener policies and practices are resonating with younger generations who are more concerned with the environment and are influenced less by big brand familiarity.

This year’s report focusses on the attitudes of these younger generations. They are a cohort who, when more financially stable, are likely to put the environment first when choosing an energy provider. Meaning that energy companies, particularly those with weaker green energy options, should prepare for this next generation to emerge as energy decision makers.

While the research was undertaken before the Coronavirus outbreak, we hope you find it useful for understanding overall consumer sentiment towards energy providers.

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