‘Cancel culture’: Third of Brits reject brands due to behaviour

Our report, with Brands2Life, has explored the behaviours and issues that most influence whether or not we continue to use a company’s products or services.

The current ‘cancel culture’ is increasingly affecting companies as well as individuals and, with scrutiny fiercer than ever on a business’s every decision, more than a third of Brits have turned away from a brand because of its behaviours.

The key points include:

  • Protecting consumer privacy and data (94%) and good customer service (94%) are the top things consumers care about
  • 68% of consumers aged between 18-24 have stopped or reduced using an online brand because of poor reputation or malpractice
  • The top reasons consumers have stopped using a brand are customer service (15%) and not paying taxes (9%)
  • To counter that, brands are advised to be transparent; customer-centric; better in their treatment of staff, suppliers and the environment; engaging; and local
  • Personal issues, such as poor customer service and privacy & security, are the biggest issues. However, there are broader issues that rank high as well: including CEO behaviour, the way businesses treat staff and vulnerable groups, workforce diversity, and respect for the countries in which they operate.

Read the full report here.