A Conservative battle for Europe

Tory politicians dominate the Referendum debate

When all GB adults were asked how they would vote in the EU Referendum, 43% said they would vote to leave the European Union, while 39% would vote for the UK to remain a member. However, 18% don?t know how they will vote.Unsurprisingly, nine in ten UKIP voters (90%) say they will vote to leave, while more than half of Labour and Lib Dem voters say they will opt to stay (53% and 55% respectively).Conservatives are split along much the same lines as the public as a whole, with 44% saying they would vote to leave and 39% saying they would vote to stay. While most other parties lean towards one side or the other, Conservative voters are the only ones almost evenly divided on staying or leaving Europe.Who wants to leave and who wants to stay?83% of all GB adults think they know which side David Cameron is on for the EU Referendum, while 79% think they know what side Boris Johnson is on.Similarly, a large proportion can identify that David Cameron is supporting the Remain camp (78%) while three quarters are aware that Boris Johnson is supporting the Out campaign (74%).chart_1_29_03_2016.pngAlthough almost half think Jeremy Corbyn supports remaining in Europe, two in five (40%) don?t know which side the leader of the opposition supports, and the public seems to struggle to place most other current Labour politicians. Despite being the chairman of the Labour In campaign, only 25% say they know what Alan Johnson?s opinion on the referendum is.Opinium Research carried out an online survey of 1,966 GB adults aged 18+ from 29th March to 1st April 2016. Results have been weighted to nationally representative criteria.