You can?t sell something if you can?t tell something

Smashing myths and demolishing prejudices in B2B communications

A short summary and intro to Dr.Emily Dickinson and Joshua Glendinning’s MRS 2018 BIG award winning study.


This paper will unveil our cutting-edge research into the communication preferences of the UK business population. We reveal the five emerging communications tribes that transcend traditional firmographics such as sector and company size, and explore how by applying B2C learnings, B2B brands and businesses can navigate this increasingly fragmented landscape. Exploding assumed behaviours, preferences and attitudes, we will bring the voice of UK businesses to life to provide tangible recommendations that will enable both the reader and their clients to navigate the rapidly changing world of B2B communications.

Why conduct the research?

The world of B2B communications is changing. The selection of suppliers, the purchase of goods and services, is no longer determined by one man in a suit.

Instead, multiple and diverse influencers impact the decision-making process. Individuals who have differing priorities, conflicting value assessments and opposing views. Individuals who absorb information at different rates and prefer to be communicated with, by brands and organisations, in different ways.

This is, of course, not new news. But as research by Google shows that 40% of B2B buyers are now aged 18-34, the gap between digital natives and those who have witnessed the digital evolution is widening

In the first two months of the year Opinium received 15 separate requests from clients who were interested in understanding the changing purchase journey for B2B buyers. Requests which ranged from exploring emotional weight behind a B2B purchase decision due to increased pressure from Brexit to the potential dilution effect of the relationship / sales manager managing the procurement process.†

But beneath all these requests we found that clients were asking one seemingly simple question: how can we communicate more effectively with B2B audiences?

To talk through the study, and access the full report, contact Dr. Emily Dickinson emilydickinson@