What makes our first time voters tick?

What makes our first time voters tick?

In the first part of the research, we focused on the political opinions and attitudes of these 17 to 22 year olds who will be able to cast a vote at a general election for the first time this May.

Not only did we cover voting intention and some of our regular trackers on the economy and Europe, but we also looked extensively at a variety of other issues that will play a part in this election.

The politics of first time voters

Beyond the politics however, we thought that there was so much more we could explore with this new generation that are only just inching into researchers’ line of sight as they reach 18 years old. Although some of the numbers won’t come as a surprise, the new social media generation might not have all the attitudes and beliefs that you imagine:

The social attitudes of first time voters

Opinium Research carried out an online survey of 503 Britons aged 17-22 from 18th to 22nd December 2014. Results have been weighted to nationally representative criteria on age and gender.