The nation?s favourite shopping websites

The nation?s favourite shopping websites

We expected Amazon to do well, but the results simply blew us away ? an astonishing 54% of respondents named Amazon as their favourite website, with eBay languishing a distant 2nd on 16%.

The next 10 sites ? which included, John Lewis, M & S, Tesco and Next ? accounted for only 10% of responses. In other words, amongst the thousands of shopping websites out there, a mere dozen account for more than three-quarters (77%) of the nation?s favourites.

What do consumers like about Amazon so much? From our survey results, the reasons seem pretty clear ? price, delivery, product range, reliability and customer service.

?Quick, convenient & reliable?, one respondent told us. For another, Amazon?s ?great range, great customer service & great prices? set it apart from other sites. Why buy elsewhere when, according to another respondent, Amazon?s website makes it ?…simple to order, prices are good, you can read reviews and save things for later. It?s like browsing in a ?proper? shop.?

But let?s leave the final tribute to the respondent who said that Amazon is, ?One of the very few companies I would recommend to others.?