The Hashtag Bowl

The Hashtag Bowl

This year, over half of the 56 ads had hashtags. But which hashtag generated the most buzz? The clear winner is Budweiser with its hashtag #BestBuds with 127,524 mentions.

With several car brands showing their ads, Toyota stands out with #OneBoldchoice as a clear winner with 13,964 mentions, followed by BMW?s #HelloFuture with 9,727 mentions.

The full results are here:

Super Bowl

Considering how these mentions work out as a share of voice, the table shows how much stronger Budweiser?s social media coverage is than the other brands. With a share of voice of 45.01%, Budweiser is mentioned almost as much as all the others combined. T-Mobile has the second largest share of voice with 10.25%.

Together, both brands have over half of the total share of voice of all ads advertising at the Super Bowl. One can say that Budweiser?s investment was definitely a wise one, even when the Bud Light had the least exposure of all ads with hashtags running during the super bowl.

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