The Danger Of Being Beautiful

The Danger Of Being Beautiful

  • Half of cosmetic owners don’t look at the use-by dates on their products
  • Two thirds purposefully don’t follow the guidance and continue to use them past their date
  • Three quarters of people don’t know what is in their make-up
  • Two in five people unaware out of date products can possibly affect their health

‘Period After Opening’ dates

The research shows that 15% of cosmetics owners are not aware that beauty products have period after opening dates, and a further half (49 per cent) don?t check them, despite knowing they are there. While a third do check these dates (34 per cent), this doesn’t necessarily mean they follow them, with two thirds of those of people (66 per cent) choosing to ignore this advice. Furthermore, one third (33 per cent) of those who don’t follow them say they would keep using their beauty product more than 12 months after this date.

The top reasons why people choose to use their beauty products past their period after opening dates are:

Why do you continue to use beauty products past their period after opening date?

  • I keep using it until it runs out – 65%
  • I can’t afford to keep buying new items – 37%
  • I like the item so much I don’t want another type – 16%
  • I think the use-by dates are confusing – 16%
  • I like to stick to items I’m familiar with – 12%

The research shows that three quarters (74 per cent) of cosmetic owners aren?t aware what the products they use are made from, and when questioned, two in five (41 per cent) believed that using beauty products after their period after opening date can effect their body.

Brand loyalty

Cosmetic owners aren?t the most loyal customers with more than half (55 per cent) tending to switch brands when they buy new products. Below are the reasons why two in five people choose to stick with the brand that they know (39 per cent):

Why do you buy your makeup from the same brand?

  • I trust the brand to put out good products which are good for my skin – 59%
  • The brand’s previous products have all suited me – 51%
  • The brand is in the right price range for my budget – 41%
  • I trust the brand to put out products which make me look good – 26%
  • I trust the brand to put out products which are good for the environment – 16%

James Endersby, Managing Director of Opinium Research said: ?Food has an expiration date, and people don’t think twice about throwing away gone-off milk and moldy bread so why would people think cosmetics are any different. They may be different products but the sentiments are still the same ? it has “a period after opening” date for a specific reason so if it has gone past this, why still use it?

?They say beauty is timeless, but unfortunately make-up products are not. In order to look after your health and beauty, people should only keep their items for the following times≤?:

CosmeticCommonly seen ?Period After Opening? times
Mascara4-6 months
Eye shadow/blush18-24 months
Eyebrow pencil18 months
Lipstick/ Lip gloss12-24 months
Eye/ Lip liner18 months
Perfume36 months

Dr Emma Meredith, Head of Scientific and Technical Services at the Cosmetic Toiletry Perfumery Association (CTPA) said3: ?It is a source of concern that the polling suggests some women would continue to use products that look and smell strange, against the advice of the industry. However, we are confident that consumers are really able to use their products as intended. Manufacturers take great care to ensure their products are fit for purpose and that their quality and efficacy last far beyond the time it takes for the consumer to use and enjoy them in safety. Information on how best to keep your products is available from our consumer website

* Research conducted online amongst a national sample of 3,813 UK adults aged 18+ by Opinium Research LLP, between 2nd and 20th August 2010.

  1. 1101 of 3813 UK adults (29%) say they wear cosmetics every day/ every other day. There are approximately 49,121,000 adults aged 18+ in the UK (ONS population projection statistics for 2010 (published 2008)). .29 x 49,121,000 = 14,245,090
  3. The CTPA is the voice of the cosmetics industry in the UK. One of its key roles is to promote good working practice according to the strict safety laws that cosmetic products must comply with in Europe to ensure that consumers are provided with the very best products.