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UK: Public opinion on coronavirus – 1st April

Crack in coronavirus confidence as public approval of Government handling and trust in politicians falls

In a week that saw many questions over the handling of testing in the UK, there has been a significant fall in government approval of the handling of the Coronavirus crisis. Last week, two-thirds (65%) approved of the Conservatives’ actions, but this has now fallen to 52%. Meanwhile, 29% disapprove, giving the government’s handling of the crisis a positive net score of +23%, a drop from +42% last week.

Similarly, confidence in the Government’s ability to handle the situation has dropped from 57% last week to 50% this week. The number that do not feel confident has increased from 22% last week to 28% this week.

Over three-fifths (63%) also do not think the government has acted fast enough to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, up from 56% last week.


Trust in key politicians falls

For the first time, public trust in the prime minister, health secretary and Chancellor on information on coronavirus has decreased. Johnson has dropped from a net trust of +26% last week to +17% this week, while Hancock has dropped from a net trust of +33% to +22%. Meanwhile, Sunak has witnessed the biggest drop, from a net trust of+42% last week to +29% this week.


Labour leadership results

Today saw the election of a new Labour leader. Over half (55%) of the public think Jeremy Corbyn did a bad job in his role as Labour leader; only 18% think he has done a good job. Among people in seats which the Conservatives gained in the 2019 General Election (many of which were ex-Labour seats), 58% think he did a bad job.

Of the three Labour candidates for next leader, the public believe that only Keir Starmer is likely to become prime minister (42% could see him in this role, 27% could not). For Lisa Nandy, 22% said could see her as PM, 41% could not;  and 20% could see Rebecca Long-Bailey in the role, but 49% could not.

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