Polling Results

UK: Public opinion on coronavirus – 15th April

Government response to Coronavirus

Approval in the government’s handling of the Coronavirus situation has decreased slightly, falling from 61% to 57%. Confidence in their ability to take us through it has also decreased slightly from 59% to 52%.

Overall support for the government is still high, but in the last couple of weeks has fluctuated from increasing slight and then decreasing again. This is probably the result of people being unsure about whether things are improving, but hoping that it will/

One in eight think they have caught the virus

One in eight (12%) think they have had Coronavirus, with 3% of these having had it confirmed via a test.

Those who think they have had it are most likely to have reported symptoms of tiredness (54%), followed by a continuous, dry cough (42%), aches and pains (42%) and a fever (41%). 28% reported loss of taste and 20% a loss of smell.

Of those who think they had it but have not been tested, the vast majority did not try to get a test. 92% did not try to get a test, with 46% saying that they did not try because their symptoms were mild. 8% did try to get a test.

Attitudes to testing

Four in five (81%) would want to take an antibody test if available, with the main reason for wanting to take it being to visit friends and family again (51%), followed by being able to visit public places for leisure again (20%)

Of those currently working from home because of Coronavirus, thinking about their health, 63% would feel comfortable going back into work if they took a test to determine if they have had Coronavirus, but 29% would still not be comfortable going back in


Full data tables are available here.